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Freetest for elite russian proxies

We introduce free test for Russian proxies for all of our established clients


API for IP registration

We have implemented the API for fast IP registration in settings


Free public proxies daily

Now you can always get a link to the TXT file with the list of working free public proxies on our website.

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General questions
FAQ http/socks proxy
Awm Soft

Q: How to enable proxy server in my browser?
A: Refer to illustrated instruction on how to use proxy

Q: My external IP address is dynamic and frequently changing. What should I do?
A: There are several ways to use a proxy:
a) Use the software to enter the IP
b) Enter a new IP address in your account settings every time
c) Use a proxy with a login and password
d) Use the API key link and register your IP by opening a special link

Q: How can I register my IP through the API? 
A: In order to register your IP using the API key, just open a link:

If you do not specify "&ip=", the IP address will be registered where this link was opened

Q: Today quality/speed/number of proxies decreased, can you do anything?
A: There are time periods when the proxies' quality, number and speed decrease, and we are really unable to help it much as we would like to. It is impossible to provide the same number of proxies in the day time and at 3 a.m. The same is true for weekends

Q: Прокси мне не подошли, возможен ли манибек?
A: Манибек возможен только в первые 3 часа после покупки, после чего уже не получится вернуть деньги. Манибек возможен, только при пополнении счета через webmoney, bitcoin, yandex money или perfect money. Манибек невозможен при пополнении через робокассу, интеркассу или при оплате кредитной картой. Для некоторых акаунтов мы можем отказать в возврате средств

Q: I've subscribed for a month, but I will not use the service next week, is it possible to freeze the service?
A: Unfortunately, it's impossible. We are only able to provide moneyback according to the abovementioned terms

Q: What is the fastest way to obtain subscription?
A: 'Register in the system and Log in.
Then proceed to the free test page and take a free test for any type of proxy.

Q: How many free tests can I take?
A: You can take only one free test

Q: I don't need so many proxies and so many threads, can I have a lower individual tariff?
A: Unfortunately, all tariffs are defined in the system and we are unable to make individual tariff settings

Q: Proxies do not work, what to do?
A: Specify IP in the settings and wait 7 minutes. If it doesn't help, contact our support service via ICQ 434929

Q: How many IP-addresses can I use at the same time?
A: You can register only one IP-address to each account and you can change it as often as you want.

Q: Do you offer any discounts? Can we buy 10 proxies for a day?
A: We regret to say that we only have the rates mentioned on the website. There are no discounts.

Q: Are you proxies suitable for the ... particular website or ... software?
A: We only provide the proxies but we do not use them ourselves, so we do not know that.

Q: Why do you have a single IP with different ports? I need a lot of different IPs.
A: These are gates, and every port corresponds to its own external IP address.

Q: Why was I banned? I set fewer threads than I have purchased?
A: Each program counts threads in its own way and often doesn't close connection in time. Often, when you set 100 mailing threads, your software can add parallel 100 threads