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Freetest for elite russian proxies

We introduce free test for Russian proxies for all of our established clients


API for IP registration

We have implemented the API for fast IP registration in settings


Free public proxies daily

Now you can always get a link to the TXT file with the list of working free public proxies on our website.

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Free proxies

Description browser proxies

AWM PROXY for personal use – very fast proxies for personal use (in browser/icq/ftp, etc)

This proxy type is ideally suited for the following situations:
  • if you are blocked access to vkontakte.ru, odnoklassniki.ru, porno sites or entertainment resources
  • for online casinos, payment systems and other sites that block access for certain countries
  • if you need full anonymity online

Administrators often close access to standard proxy ports. Thus, some our personal proxies have also non-standard ports like - SMTP(:21), FTP, etc.

It is prohibited:
1. To use proxies in automatic mode (spamming, parsing, brute)
2. To send letters via proxy